Talking About Installation of Safes
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Talking About Installation of Safes

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Talking About Installation of Safes

What To Look For When Buying A Gun Safe

Edgar Morales

If you own a gun for hunting or target practice, then you should consider buying a gun safe to protect it. This ensures kids won't play with the gun, and it also protects it against theft. Guns can be very expensive, especially vintage guns, so investing in a good safe will protect your investment. Here are some things to consider when you get ready to buya gun safe.

Thickness Of The Steel

When all features are compared, the thicker the safe, the harder it is to break into. One thing you want to know before you buy your safe is the thickness of the metal used for the sides and door of the safe. One way to tell is by the weight of the safe. The heavier the better. You can't always go by price because some manufacturers may charge more for added embellishments or enamel paint. You want steel that is as thick as possible because it is harder to puncture or drill through. Also, thicker steel weighs more and that makes it more difficult to move the safe. However, even if you buy a strong and heavy safe, you still want to make sure you get one that can be bolted into the floor.

Size Of The Safe

A good gun safe is a big investment, so you want to buy one that will meet your needs for years to come. If you're just now buying your first few guns, consider if your collection will continue to grow over the years. Even though larger safes cost more, buying a bigger safe than you think you need is always a good idea. This allows you to grow your gun collection, and it also allows plenty of room to store ammo and other hunting accessories. The last thing you want is a safe that's so crowded that you have to pull everything out to get to a gun or supplies that are in the back. When you have enough room, you'll be able to keep the safe organized so you can see all your guns at a glance. Plus, you may find additional uses for the safe such as storing jewelry and other valuables, so a little extra room is always worth considering.

The Locking Mechanism

You'll get to choose between a digital or manual lock for the safe. As long as you buy quality locks, both types will keep your guns secure, so the type you choose is a matter of personal preference. A digital lock is nice because it is easy to operate if you have arthritis or poor vision. It even lights up at night so you can see it better. One of these locks may be easier to operate when you're nervous or excited when an intruder breaks in because all you have to do is punch in numbers rather than manipulate a dial. An electronic keypad has other features too such as automatic locking on a timer and tracking of which codes opened the safe and when. While electronic locks have many benefits, they also have more problems that manual locks. If you want a more basic option that will last for many years and not give you trouble, then a combination lock may be more to your liking.

Be sure to measure the space in your home where you will place the safe so you'll know exactly what you need when you go shopping. Then you can shop by size and weight in addition to choosing a safe with the features you want. You can check out a place like for more information. In addition to knowing the thickness of the steel, be sure to read labels for fire, water, and burglary ratings, so you can buy the best safe your budget allows.