Talking About Installation of Safes
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Talking About Installation of Safes

Hey there, my name is Charlie Marshell. I would like to use this site to encourage everyone to have a fireproof safe installed in their homes. Fireproof safes keep documents, valuables and weapons from suffering damage during an emergency situation. Furthermore, you can keep these items out of the wrong hands during a robbery attempt. There is a wide range of safes on the market today. The way you approach the placement and installation process also has an impact on their effectiveness. I would like to share information about this subject in more detail on my website. I hope you visit again soon.


Talking About Installation of Safes

How A Master Key System Works

Edgar Morales

Many building managers need to consider investing in a master key system, especially when certain parts of the building can only be accessed by certain people, such as an apartment complex or office building. If you own a building and need one of these systems installed, here's what you need to know about how it works:

The Change Keys: 

The change keys are typically the keys given out to those who utilize a certain space in the building, such as the company owner of the office space that is rented or the tenant of the apartment unit that is rented. The change key can only allow access to one door and does not open any other door in the building. 

The Master Key:

The master key is the key that is maintained by the building owner since it can open all change key locks in the building. This way, the building manager has access to all the building spaces in case of emergency or if keys are lost. As the building owner, it's your right to have access to all this space with the master key. 

The Great Master Key: 

The great master key is provided if you own multiple buildings and just want one key that can open every change lock in all buildings you own. This way, the great master key can be kept with you and the master key can be left onsite for the building it is used for. This is especially helpful if you do not manage the building everyday yourself. Then you can leave the master key with the actual building managers you have hired to be on site everyday. 

The Great Grand Master Key:

This is the final key that is made that is used to open all doors in the master key system. It's basically a duplicate of the great master key so that you can have two people handling the operations of the buildings you own if necessary. 

When you know how the master key system works, you can better understand what your needs are based on the number of buildings you own and what your needs are as far as having copies of keys to handle and keep safe for emergency situations. Be sure to hire a professional locksmith who can install the proper change locks in your building with all the right sets of keys that you need for maintaining it. For more information, contact companies like Lock Smith Care.