Talking About Installation of Safes
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Talking About Installation of Safes

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Talking About Installation of Safes

Guaranteed Security Through Proper Usage - Maintaining Your Commercial Locks

Edgar Morales

As a business owner, your responsibilities are wide ranging. Perhaps the most important, however, is physical security. Making sure that your business stays safe and free of unwelcome visitors is an incredibly important task that's best achieved through taking the necessary steps to make sure your build remains secure. That means making sure your locks are functional and well protected.

Unfortunately, many people neglect to follow good practices when it comes to lock maintenance, and may not be aware of the things they can do to make sure their locks stay strong. Below, you'll find some tips for lock maintenance that should help guarantee you can avoid jams and breakdowns but receive the access you need.

Thorough Cleaning

While most commercial locks are rugged and tough, they're still susceptible to damage from what may seem like small irritants. The springs and pins inside your locking mechanism can be bent or offset by dust, dirt, and other particulate matter, so it's important that you take the necessary steps to protect the inside of your locks.

This requires a regular cleaning regimen that's focused on making sure buildup and debris are cleared away. By focusing on keeping the outside surface clean and clear, you can be sure that less contamination will work its way into the internal mechanism and create a serious problem.

Proper Key Usage

The way you physically turn a key in a lock may actually go a long way toward protecting that lock. If you funnel too much force through the key itself, that misaligned effort can lead to damage inside the lock that then might make the key ineffective.

You could also risk breaking the key off inside the lock, creating a situation that absolutely will require professional assistance. Instead, make sure you turn the key in the lock as gently as possible and then direct the necessary opening force through the doorknob. This is the best way to make sure all the components are properly handled.

Regular Lubrication

Though it may not seem like it from an external view, your commercial locks are comprised of a large collection of moving parts that need to be properly lubricated in order to avoid damage. Consult with your locksmith on the best product to use, and make its application a regular part of your maintenance schedule. Most lock lubrication can be easily applied through a spray can, creating a convenient method for taking care of your important components.

Contact a locksmith, like Redmond Lock & Key, for more help.